Friday, September 12, 2008

the start of something new

today is sept 12th and im leaving for barcelona.
im such a last minute packer so i'm feeling a little stressed.
im also trying not to freak out that i didn't finish all of my law school application stuff before today but i figure i wont be applying until oct 1st so ive got some time to finish polishing my personal statement. better not rush something that important, right?

i just had a goodbye breakfast with two of my best friends and i rode a scooter for the first time.
anyway, i won't be writing too much today since i've got to head to LAX for my 12 hr flight.

its important that everyone knows that i wont have my blackberry in spain. so if we're friends on bbm, kiss that goodbye for a while. so if you want my new spanish phone number email me or msg me on myspace, facebook or whatever.
i also want penpals. i love sending people postcards and letters, but i dont want some lazy penpal who's never going to write me back. send me addresses if you think you can hang.
and for everyone who doesnt know this already, my email is so get a hold of me that way.

oh and look at my new hair. no extensions for the first time in a year. kind of a big deal. VBD.


obama bracelet...nbd.


taryn said...

you look absolutely beautiful! and i want to visit you in barcelona. i also want to be penpals with you and videochat and everything else. i will e-mail or message you my address, have a safe flight <3

Anonymous said...

Im not mentioned :'(